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Prophecy by Apostle Jeremiah Sackey

Updated: Jan 2

At Spirit Life Church, 12/2/23

Church, put your hands together. Put your hands together for the Lord. Now lift up your hands. Lift up your hands. Lift up your hands. The Bible says, Queen Sheba… let all eyes be closed… came to Soloman with sacrifice. The Lord told me that this church will buy its own property.

Oh, you are not excited for your church? You are not excited for your church?! I want to believe that there are men who are standing with Pastor Othniel. We are going to raise a sacrificial offering, then we will bring the service to an end. The Bible says Queen Sheba went prepared. The Lord told me specifically that this church will buy its own property. He will put you in your permanent place.

And Pastor Othniel, what the Lord said concerning you… As I’ve been praying for you, there is a seat in Texas. Hear me well. A seat in Texas that is in the excess of tens of thousands times four. Meaning, you will be sitting over 40,000 per service.

Do I have any Believer in the house? Do I have any Believer in the house? Oh, be happy for him! Be happy for him.

I saw you pastoring this church and the crowd was tens of thousands in the force. And the Lord said in the next seven years, He’s going to give you divine speed. He said all the prayer and fasting that you have been doing, He has seen it all.

The day I prayed for you on our luncheon and I mentioned the name David. The Lord has given you a throne in Texas that was not yours. But for the hearts that you have, He has given it to you. And you will do that David dance. That David said, “I am dancing because God has given me a throne that don’t belong to me.”

Church, if you think you know him, you have not seen him well. So those of you who are acting like, “We are with you.” Acting like you are working, but you are not really working, this is the time to change your mindset.

This man is Spirit-filled. He has the heart that touches the heart of God. He has the heart that touches the heart of God. So here in Dallas, you will see people travel from nations just to come here. Just to come hear him.

There is a name that the Lord showed me that I am not permitted to speak in public because of protocols. But that is the seat the Lord has given you, because you are a man of the Spirit. And He’s sending helpers. He’s giving you rest. He’s bringing you to a place where everything will be set. And always, all you have to do is show up and fill them up with the word of God.

He has seen your tears, your prayers, everything, the heart you have for these people. Sometimes you wish you could give them more. But God said, because of you, they will all be blessed. Because of you, they will all be blessed.

Church, put your hands together for your leader. We are raising a sacrificial seed. Watch this. Queen Sheba came with a seed, and she went with more. I need people who believe in the ministry, the vision that God has given our pastor, to come forward with a $500 seed. This seed, if you don’t have it today, from now until New Year’s Eve, you can put up this seed and present it to the church. From now up to New Year’s Eve, this seed is going for the foundation of this ministry. I don’t know if somebody understand, the rocks, the foundation of this ministry. And God says as the ministry flourish, so shall your finances flourish.

And as the messenger, I believe in the word the Lord gave me, that I stand first to be a part of those who are sowing into the foundation, into the building of this ministry. And if anybody wants to do it, you can come forward. Anybody wants to do it. Anybody wants to sow. Someone wants to buy in.

I don’t know if the church has started raising funds but this shall be for $500. The number 5 is grace. Grace. Grace. This is what the Lord told me to do. I am a man of faith.

If you are coming… man of God, you are loved. Hold on. When it comes to money, I am always skeptical. I was like, “Lord, how are they going to receive this?” So if you realize, before I even set my lips to shake… I don’t know how to put it. But the Lord specifically said, “Those who are doing it…” He’s going to bless them. They will own their businesses. He will give them ideas and they will flourish in this land of Texas. As this building, as this ministry, as this commission goes forth and enlarges, so shall your territory enlarge. Every day that the Lord is adding to the church, He will be adding to your finances. He will be adding to your blessings. He will be adding to your prosperity. He will be adding to everything that you desire.

Lift up your hands. Please, when we’re done, let us give our names. Man of God, who are they suppose to give their names to? Their names. And let us honor this word, honor this promise that you are making to the Lord.

If anybody wants to know… let me get my phone first. I want to show you something. Your pastor did not tell me, “Man of God, I am broke. Come here and raise money for me.” You know, church has become a funny place… I want to, yes, this is me, if anybody can read for me. I said to him… I texted him and I said something. I said, “Is there anything that you want me to say and do?” And his response was that, “Let the Spirit lead you.”

I want to find the message quick, so somebody won’t go home quick and say, “Oh, pastor brought him here to come take our money.” Man of God, I’m trying to find a message. Okay, so it’s on Thursday. And then your response is… okay, so he said, “We are well and blessed in the name of the Lord. May the grace of God abound to you and your family as well. Feel free to lead in the service as the Holy Spirit direct you.” If I am lying… your pastor didn’t say to raise money! Your pastor didn’t say he wants to buy a fancy church. Your pastor didn’t say, “I need a support.”

You know we live in a day where everything we do in church, social media takes it, flip it around and be foolin’ around and they will discredit what God is doing.

God said, “This church will buy its own building.” He said, “It will buy its own building.” And as you are buying, He’s already showing you a land also that you will buy, that you will erect the 40,000 place capacity, here in Dallas. Here in Dallas. So, if anybody did not believe in this, what happens? God will send strangers to come and finance it.

The one greater than Soloman is here. That is when the pharisees missed it. They are looking somewhere else and the one God has sent is here. This is the ending of the message. The one that you are looking to lead you into your promise land, this is the man.

If you lift up his hand, you see, as you are lifting up his hand, how do your hand go? Yours lift up too. Hallelujah somebody! You can never lift up his hand without yours also going up. So as high as you lift up, as high as you go… Hallelujah somebody! As high as you lift his hand up, as high as your hand will go.

Man of God, can you please quickly shake everybody’s hands? Prosperity is in these hands. Prosperity is in these hands. As he shake your hands, please give your name to your respective leaders. Honor your vow and God will honor His word to you. Honor your vow and God will honor His word to you. Honor your vow and God will honor His vow, His promise to you. Honor. Yes Lord. Yes Lord.

From this day, you will see people, character, attitude change. They will begin to work like never before. They will show up at every gathering, every prayer meeting. This church will show up and they will do what God has called them to do. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. As you are standing to support sent man of the House, God will send people who support your vision, who will support the vision God has given you. Somebody praise the name of the Lord! Praise the name of the Lord! Praise the name of the Lord! Praise the name of the Lord! You will not go back empty. He will give you favor in the sight of men, in the sight of kings and queens and as you leave, you will not go back empty. In the name of Jesus. We may be seated. Please honor your vow. Honor your vow before the year turns. May the Lord bless you.

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