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Prophecy by Jimmy Terrell

Updated: Jan 2

You know the Lord just talking to me and he was saying to me that. Each and everyone of you have the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of you. It's high time. It's that time now you know. You hear all the prophetic words and all the things that are about to take place. And God is saying to each and every one of us that the Holy Spirit dwells in you richly. The Jesus says I will not leave you comfortless, but I will send you a comforter. And he when He comes, he will teach you all things. He will guide you into all truth. He will guide you into all truth your teacher as much as we respect our elders as much as we respect our pastors and those people who are in leadership over our lives, we have to understand that the Holy Spirit is our teacher. The Holy Spirit is our guide. The Bible says that we're called to be led by the Spirit. If you've been paying attention to the sermons over the past few weeks, months, it's been talking about the secret place and prayer and the importance of spending time with the Lord alone time with God. We have to grow comfortable with silence. We have to grow comfortable with not hearing other distractions and turning on something so that we're receiving something from somebody. We have the ability to hear from them from God on high. We have the ability to hear from the Holy Spirit who dwells in you. Jesus Christ lives in you, the Bible says out of your belly shall flow. Rivers of living water. We have to be a people who know how to draw from our own rivers, our own belly. We have to learn to depend on the Holy Spirit, for he is our God. He is our teacher. He's everything. He's a down payment of. Our inheritance. So learn to sit with him. And I know it's repetitive, I know it's the same thing over and over and over again, but I can tell you it's the greatest thing that you could do to just sit with the Lord and let him teach you. You have a dream, He'll interpret it. You need direction, He'll tell you where to go. You need you got a big decision you need to make, He'll tell you. If you want to understand the scriptures. The Holy Spirit will tell you. He will reveal those things to you. If you allow him to be your teacher, but if the first thing that we do is look for somebody else to give us the information that we're looking for, we're not allowing the Holy Spirit to be God. Thank you, ducky. We're not allowing him to be God. He's the author and finisher of our faith. He's the he's the one who leads us into truth. We have to give him that opportunity to do. So also to that's building relationship with him. Intimacy, Paul wrote in Corinthians that we would have communion with the Holy Spirit. Communion with him. That doesn't always mean that it has to be noise, or that I have to go find somebody to tell me something. The Holy Spirit teaches you. He guides you. We have an unction from the holy one. Remember first John. Draw from that unction, draw from that anointing that dwells on each and every one of you, because every one of you has something amazing to offer the body. Jordan's vision about the sheet, how they were tearing off. That only works if you understand that the Holy Spirit in you is the one that guides you. The Holy Spirit is the is the one in you that supplies that power. He's the one that gives you the wisdom and the guidance and understanding it's Jesus Christ in you, it's Christ in you. The hope of glory. Again, we honor and respect our elders. I'm so grateful for my brother Othniel and for Ian and Malcolm and Joey and Victor and Vlad and Danny and John. I'm so blessed to have everybody but at the same time, if that supersedes my alone time with the holy one, that's a problem. That's a problem. And that's something God is saying. He's preparing us to go upward. He's preparing this amazing way to take place. But we got to be a people that we know with surety who our God is and we know how to hear his voice because when your so-called teachers not around you got to be able to understand and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. It's important.



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