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Prophecy By Trudy Rodriguez

Updated: Jan 2

And the thing that I saw in my spirit that I thought it was a word for Paul and I gave it to him this morning when I walked in. But the Lord was showing me no, this is this is for your entire body. What God is calling you into it's going to, His power is there, it's for you all to walk in and it will be there. Don't even worry about it. When you step out, it is there. You have all of heaven behind you. But God is putting over this church a banner of joy. And it's going to be a joy that is going to absolutely come upon you that you're going to be smiling and you can't get the smile off of your face. And when you go out to witness, this smile is going to be so contagious. This joy is going to be so around you it's going to just encompass you, envelope, you and this joy is what that is on you, supernaturally, is going to be what draws people to you just because they can't figure out where you're coming from. And they want this joy because the world is seeking this joy. They're seeking it. They're so downtrodden. And you have God's going to place over you. This beautiful, beautiful banner of joy, and you're going to be known for a joyful church. People are going to want to come here because they're going to want to bask in this joy and they want to get some of this joy on them. And you can impart it because it's supernaturally and being imparted to you, you can now impart it to others, and they need it. They need it so desperately.

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